Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deadly downswing

So when I said it was unlikely that I'd drop below the 2k mark this obviously meant that I was going to drop down. I think I have something like $2014 in the account at the moment from a starting roll of $1500. Nearly $400 of this is from the deposit bonus and the rest is from the bits of rakeback I'm earning at the moment. So yeah, I'm not a winning player at the moment.

I'm going to take a couple of days off from playing I think and see if it helps me in any way. Then I'll start playing the $20s like crazy over the weekend as I want to get 500 games in this month (my aim was 500 @ $30 but 500 at any level will do for the time being). I'm not sure what the difference in play will be like between these two levels but I doubt it'll be much. One thing I'm glad about is that I'm actually going to drop down levels - don't think I ever did this before - but now I see it as an extremely important thing to do.

Anyways, from being at a roll of $3100 this time last week to a roll just above $2000 is a little bit disheartening :(

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet variance

Had a really bad run last night. Got to play something like 26 tournies in just a few hours but ended up with a sickening 17 buy in downswing. Won one single tournament while I placed in three. Pathetic stuff altogether. Some of my play was atrocious, making large raises when it wasn't needed (just because I suffered a bad beat previously or whatever) or shoving when it made absolutely no sense to shove. Loads of my cbets were called/reraised which also made things a little difficult. I did attempt to fight back by reraising and it worked a bit but not enough to stem the outflow of my bankroll. I also tried to play 8 or 9 tables and I'm ususually used to just the 6 or 7 - maybe this is having a negative effect on me?

So I'm back to the tables a little bit later today, clear another $20 of the bonus and hopefully be in the green for the night. I wouldn't drop levels until I hit the $2k mark which is another bit away yet. I'd have to run extremely bad for this to happen (although I've been running hot up until yesterday - had a shark symbol beside me and all on sharkscope!).

Appreciate any comments guys, thanks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May/End of year goals

Putting in some good volume will be one of my main problems I feel. But I'm going to try and go for the following (currently at $30+$3):


Number of games: 500
ROI: 15%

End of year

Number of games: 3000
ROI: Anything greater than 5% would be nice
Read more
Post more
Sleep more

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 week update

So since I opened my FTP account I've been running quite well. I've cleared half of the deposit bonus ($600 is the full bonus) and after I clear the rest of it I'll be getting some proper rakeback. Haven't played as much as I'd have liked to in the past few days but I'm still averaging more than 15 sngs per day. If I keep that going for my first month I'll be happy enough. That reminds me, I must set out some goals. I'll have a think about it later.

Meanwhile I'll keep on re-reading Colin Moshman's book and try and learn a few things. Will post a graph or two later but the number of tournaments I've played makes it seem kind of pointless at this stage.

Update: Having trouble getting the hand summaries from my first few games (it's screwing up my graphs and not giving me my true ROI). When I get this all sorted the images will come. Played 14 games last night and made an overall loss of $10 for just over two hours play ($30 loss + $20 bonus released). Lost count of the number of times I ran in to bullets but it didn't really bother me as I've been running well and I just get on with it. A couple of years ago I'd be fuming..using the text box etc..I don't bother with any of that any more. Just not worth it.

What's bothering me is my style of play when I get ITM. I need to be winning more tournies and not just settling for second or third place. Last night was something like 5 third place finishes. Oh and one ridiculous bubble finish when I was joint chip leader. Stupidily got involved against KQ when I had trips. Guy had the straight...embarrassing stuff altogether.

Opening Balance: $1500
Current Balance: $3100

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mein name ist Ken.

Have played online poker for the last few years but never took it too seriously. Used to play MTTs, STTs and cash but never focused on one particular game. That was up till now...

So I'm doing what many people hate doing and that's trying to play a shitload of sngs. I'll admit that I've a very basic understanding of the game but am using this as a way of learning as well. I've read a good bit of Colin Moshman's book and it's certainly improved my game somewhat (no more retarded limping from me out of position). It's a pity it didn't go in to bankroll management deeper as I feel that's where I've made mistakes in the past.

I've recently made the switch from ipoker to Full Tilt and got myself a good rakeback deal. Made full use of the deposit bonus as well so I'm currently working my way through that and trying to clear it as soon as possible and then the rake should be coming in nicely. I'll post up a few pictures later from Poker Tracker.

My bankroll is $1500 and I hope to increase this to about a million.

That's all for now.